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How to: Whitelist process on dogePixel

Whitelisting is a selection of applications on GTA5 RP – servers to only let people play on servers that the support lets through this process. More info about whitelisting is here on our post.

The advantages of a whitelist

There are various advantages of a whitelisting process. The biggest is: The support team can ensure that only players enter the server, that take GTA roleplay seriously! It is also mandatory to have a clean microphone quality. If you have ever played in GTA:Online, you’ll surely have noticed annoying players that always kill you.

Overview of advantages

  • You can have a first contact to the server team
  • Understand the concept of the server
  • Reducing of trolling, VDM and RDM


  • Long waiting times
  • You’ll have to apply to play

How to whitelist on dogePixel

On dogePixel it is not needed to apply. You can just join the server and play. Our team will protect and check all players to prevent fraud, trolling and abuse. Just join and play, have fun!