GTA5 RP-Server

Did you ever watch a Nopixel roleplay livestream? Our GTA5 RP-server gives you the chance to play on such a server. Join our free-to-play community and experience a roleplay like you know from famous Twitch channels!

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Our GTA RP server

Our own GTA RP-server is nopixel-based and works on FiveM. You can join our discord and play on our server for free. Pack your bag and come to Los Santos, start a new life. Please also read our server rules.

How to play Roleplay

Did you already choose a GTA RP-server for playing? As a roleplay-beginner you should start on a server that is not a “Hardcore RP-server”, as mistakes are not tolarated on such servers. Find a beginner-friendly server, that gives you the opportunity to learn. You will have the best chances for getting a good GTA roleplay and this will lead to a lot of fun.

Stay realistic!

You’ll have to get used to act like a person in real-life. This is what roleplaying is about. Choose a character story and play it, and don’t rush: There are decisions that take time or happen suddenly. Other players can be your friends – or enemies. Make sure to read all rules of the server you will play on. For example: Read about what FailRP or PowerRP is. And try to avoid both!

Streaming GTA Roleplay

It’s also possible and allowed to stream our dogePixel roleplay server on Twitch. You do not need to ask for it, so feel free to stream your content!

Are you ready?
Join our roleplay server

Build your virtual life on our dogePixel server.

Our blog

We also publish blog articles for you. The lastest news about our server and FiveM.

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